College speaker

   Immigrating from St. Elizabeth Jamaica, Nick enjoys speaking about his family’s pursuit of the American dream and the hustle it takes to make it happen. Nick graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems. He frequents colleges promoting topics such as voter awareness, personal development and leadership.

    Through Nicks unique way of connecting with students they talk about getting involved with campus, whether through excelling in academics, becoming a student leader, and the benefits it will bring now and in their future.

 The Decision 2016 a.k.a "Rock The Vote!" discussion opened the minds of student’s personal beliefs, and got answers to questions that they have always wanted to ask all while aligning them with the importance of getting out and voting! Students are able to talk freely without discussing party lines on issues that matter to them the most including women’s rights, legalization of marijuana, student loans, cost of education, immigration and much more.  

     Contact us at info@nickbrownonline.com to see how you can have Nick speak at your high school or college!